20 Practice Routines for Fingerstyle Ukulele



Ever felt like your practice is going in circles? Do you feel distracted and unfocused in your practice session? Or perhaps you have a tendency to take on material that is too difficult? If so, then this book can help you. Practicing with structure and goals can greatly improve progress and also gives us a feeling of accomplishment.

These 20 Practice Routines are designed to give a comprehensive technical workout at all levels of development (beginner/intermediate/advanced). These routines have been used by thousands of musicians, teachers, and schools around the world and have been revised over a ten year period. In addition to providing a comprehensive range of exercises that cover all aspects of technique, these routines allow you to simply open up the book and focus on what is important. They will help you stay on track and prevent distraction.

Each routine included in this book is closely aligned with the grades and courses at the Ukulele Corner Academy. In fact, several exercises are specifically geared towards the repertoire used throughout the UCA curriculum. The materials are organized in a progressive and additive manner so that you can benefit from an incremental increase in difficulty.The author, Simon Powis, has a doctorate in music performance from Yale University and has taught masterclasses around the world. The adaption for Ukulele has been done by Grammy Award winning musician, Jeff Peterson.

All exercises in this book are intended for either reentrant or Low G ukulele in the GCEA tuning. All standard notation on the 4th string will sound an octave higher than written using the reentrant tuning.All routines have lessons and demonstrations available inside the Ukulele Corner Academy: ukulelecorner.com

131 Pages

Includes both TAB and Standard Notation

Written by Simon Powis and adapted for ukulele by Jeff Peterson