Classical Ukulele Lessons

Classical music on the ukulele? It sounds absolutely beautiful! Discover works from the great composers like Bach, Beethoven, and Debussy and see how well they can be arranged for the classical ukulele.

Classical Ukulele
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Can you play classical music on the ukulele?

Videos and Article
Can you actually play classical music on the ukulele?

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Top 10 Classical Pieces for Ukulele
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The Top 10 Classical Pieces on Ukulele

Discover the top 10 classical pieces for ukulele

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Classical Ukulele Technique
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Classical Ukulele Technique

Videos and Lesson

Learn what makes classical ukulele technique special.

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Clair de Lune for Classical Ukulele
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Claire de Lune

Video and Sheet Music

This timeless classic sounds stunning on the ukulele

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Air on a G String

Video and Sheet Music
The music of Bach has a magical ability to sound fantastic on almost any instrument.

Bolero by Ravel for Classical Ukulele

Bolero by Ravel

Video and Sheet Music
Is it possible to take an epic orchestral piece and play it on ukulele? Have a listen and you can be the judge.


Books from CGC Publishing

Graded Repertoire for Classical Ukulele

Versions for both tenor and baritone ukulele

  • 161 Pages
  • 62 Progressive Pieces
  • Audio downloads included
  • Print and PDF editions available

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Thanks for checking in on my progress with Ukulele Corner. It has been a wonderful experience. It is truly amazing what I’ve learned in the past six months since joining UC.


I was a bit wary signing up to any web based course unseen, but after a 1 hour look around – it’s brilliant!  So easy to navigate and understand and the structure is logical and easy to follow.


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