Discover Fingerstyle Ukulele

Strumming and singing songs with the Ukulele provides a wonderful introduction to the world of music. But if you are looking for a deeper, more instrumental experience, then finger style ukulele is what you have been looking for.

Ukulele corner offers a structured approach to learning that provides everything you need to study. With comprehensive video lessons, downloadable worksheets, repertoire, and exercises all laid out in a progressive path you can make real progress.

For such a small instrument you will be amazed at how you can play solo instrumental pieces that not only sound beautiful but help you grow as a musician.

Step-by-step learning

Ukulele Corner is part of Guitar Corner Academy which has served thousands of musicians around the world with the Cornerstone Method. This method uses structure and progressive materials to fuel the joy of music.

One of the biggest problems you can face when learning music is frustration. It can be an obstacle to enjoyment and ultimately it might cause you to give up. Frustration arises from working on the wrong material. It could be material in the wrong order or given to you at the wrong time, whatever the case it can make you feel like you are not good enough. But its not you, it is the disorganized way you have been learning.

The step-by-step pathway that you find in the Cornerstone Method will guide you on your musical journey with the right materials in the right order. It will help you focus, give you guidance, and motivate you to practice.

  • All Materials Provided

  • Step-by-step progression

  • Graded repertoire to learn

  • World class instruction from a master musician

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What’s in the Course?

Level 1  The Fingerstyle Ukulele course starts with a comprehensive introduction to fingerstyle ukulele playing with set up for both right and left hands, technique for relaxation, tone, and control. It guides from the very beginning to learn notation and read note names in first position. You will find exercises to accompany all of the lessons so you can develop your technique with focused materials.

By Level 2 you will find yourself learning right hand arpeggios and accompaniment figures. Simple pieces like Amazing Grace and traditional Hawaiian songs are provided for you to work on each technique.

Level 3 is all about playing pieces. Jeff has composed original pieces that are designed to move you forward one step at a time. Enjoy making music while you build your fingerstyle skills.

In Level 4 you will once again get to play beautiful pieces but this time you can work on pieces from the classical period. Pieces by Fernando Sor, Mauro Giuliani, Ferdinand Carulli, and Matteo Carcassi. If you have the Graded Repertoire for Classical Ukulele book you will find lessons from the book in this level.

In Level 5 you will learn some more advanced musical and technical features to incorporate into your pieces. To accompany these lessons Jeff has made 5 outstanding arrangements of classic folk songs for you to play.

Meet your teacher

Your guide on this musical journey is Grammy Award winning musician, Jeff Peterson. A native of Hawaii and an active touring musician, Jeff offers you a world class level of teaching that you can rely on.

Fingerstyle Ukulele

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