As we near the end of the year at Ukulele Corner, we’d like to offer you our very popular two print books, Graded Repertoire for Fingerstyle Ukulele and 20 Practice Routines for Fingerstyle Ukulele — both spiral-bound editions with postage to anywhere in the world — for free when you sign up for an Annual membership at Ukulele Corner Academy. That’s a $70 value and grants you annual access to our world-class curriculum and many other wonderful features available at the Academy.

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Take Your Ukulele Playing To The Next Level

A structured curriculum to guide you, a world class teacher to inspire you, and a supportive community of musicians to support you along the way.

Step-by-step learning

Ukulele Corner is part of Guitar Corner Academy which has served thousands of musicians around the world with the Cornerstone Method. This method uses structure and progressive materials to fuel the joy of music.

One of the biggest problems you can face when learning music is frustration. It can be an obstacle to enjoyment and ultimately it might cause you to give up. Frustration arises from working on the wrong material. It could be material in the wrong order or given to you at the wrong time, whatever the case it can make you feel like you are not good enough. But its not you, it is the disorganized way you have been learning.

The step-by-step pathway that you find in the Cornerstone Method will guide you on your musical journey with the right materials in the right order. It will help you focus, give you guidance, and motivate you to practice.

  • Over one hundred in-depth lessons
  • Fingerstyle Practice Routines to Guide Your Practice

  • Performance Videos to Inspire You

  • All PDF Downloads Included

  • All Scores provided in standard notation and TAB

  • Graded repertoire to learn

  • World class instruction from a master musician

  • An academy trusted by thousands

What’s in the Academy?

A Structured Curriculum for Fingerstyle Ukulele – At the heart of the Academy is a progressive series of lessons that guides you through your journey as a musician. It removes the confusion of information overload and helps keep you focused. The Cornerstone Method has been used by thousands of musicians around the world to great effect.

Sheet Music Library – Your Academy membership includes PDF downloads for all repertoire lessons, worksheets, play along tracks, and practice routines. You can download the music and print it out or read directly from your computer or tablet.

Community Forum – Share your learning journey with musicians from around the world who share your passion and are following the same curriculum.

Live Group Lessons – As a member of the Academy you will have access to live lessons taught by Jeff Peterson where you can get direct feedback on your playing and ask questions in real time.

Practice Routines

Progressive Practice Routines – No matter how much you practice if you are not practicing the right exercises at the right time you could be moving backwards.

With pre-written and progressive practice routines provided in your membership you will be able to focus on what’s important and know that your practice relates directly with the music you are learning.

Meet your teacher

Your guide on this musical journey is Grammy Award winning musician, Jeff Peterson. A native of Hawaii and an active touring musician, Jeff offers you a world class level of teaching that you can rely on.

Annual Membership

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  • Full Access to Grades, Courses, and Lessons
  • Progressive Practice Routines
  • Sheet Music Library
  • Community Forum
  • Monthly Live Group Lessons
  • Access to Regular New Content