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I’ve known Jeff for a few years now. I’ve taken live lessons from him twice in the past prior to the arrival of Ukulele Corner. My wife and I have also seen him play live in restaurants several times a year when we visit Hawaii. It’s amazing how little known he is by non-musicians. We have taken locals and non-locals to see him while in Hawaii and the reaction is always the same: “He is amazing; do the people here know how good he is?” Now, if you ask musicians in Hawaii, they all know and respect him. He must keep a low profile as he is extremely humble and a really nice guy. Besides being a world class guitarist/ukuleleist, he is a terrific teacher. There are not many great players who can also teach, and his arrangements are top notch. It’s not a common occurrence when you can take lessons at a reasonable cost from a world class musician. I jumped at the chance.

Chris M.

Reviewed in the United States on February 26, 2020

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