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This course contains lessons, performances, and scores for all thirty-one pieces found in Graded Repertoire for Classical Ukulele, grades 5 through 8. This is an intermediate to advanced course.

Step-by-step learning

Ukulele Corner is part of Guitar Corner Academy which has served thousands of musicians around the world with the Cornerstone Method. This method uses structure and progressive materials to fuel the joy of music.

One of the biggest problems you can face when learning music is frustration. It can be an obstacle to enjoyment and ultimately it might cause you to give up. Frustration arises from working on the wrong material. It could be material in the wrong order or given to you at the wrong time, whatever the case it can make you feel like you are not good enough. But its not you, it is the disorganized way you have been learning.

The step-by-step pathway that you find in the Cornerstone Method will guide you on your musical journey with the right materials in the right order. It will help you focus, give you guidance, and motivate you to practice.

  • 32 Complete Lessons

  • Performance Videos

  • Scores provided in standard notation and TAB

  • Graded repertoire to learn

  • World class instruction from a master musician

  • An academy trusted by thousands

What’s in the Course?

Jesu Joy of Mans Desiring – J.S. Bach – Grade 5

Mysterious Barricades – Couperin – Grade 7

O Mio Babbino Caro – Puccini – Grade 7

Grade 5 – This grade marks the division into true intermediate repertoire. You will find new challenges in technique and the development of a more critical ear.

Right hand balance is a facet of classical technique that will play an increasingly important role. It will allow you to bring out one voice while another stays quiet. Speed also come into the challenge of Grade 5 with exciting pieces like El Vito.

Composers include Bach, Carcassi, traditional Brazillian and Spanish repertoire.

Grade 6 – The classical ukulele shines in a miniature world of nuance and color. The pieces featured in Grade 6 are wonderful examples of how a small piece can carry a world of detail and delight.

Take time and pleasure in refining the delicate details and persevere with your progress.

Composers include Ferrer, Bach, and Tarrega.

Grade 7 – At this stage you will likely have the skill sets to play a large portion of the repertoire. What I am interested in is how you play this repertoire.

In the final two grades I encourage you to raise the bar of your own expectations once again and focus in on the details. Strive for musical expression, listen carefully to the sound and shaping of your phrases, and explore more deeply into music than just the music that you are playing.

Composers include Puccini, Tarrega, Sanz, and Vivaldi.

Grade 8 – Virtuosity does not only mean to play fast. The virtues of an instrumental performer include tone, color, phrasing, dynamics, articulations, vibrato, and performance skills.

Take a broader look at what it means to be a virtuoso player and apply that meaning to your studies. This is great music from our repertory and I believe it come with a responsibility to do it justice.

Composers include Couperin, Bach, Ponce, Tarrega, and Barrios.

Meet your teacher

Your guide on this musical journey is Grammy Award winning musician, Jeff Peterson. A native of Hawaii and an active touring musician, Jeff offers you a world class level of teaching that you can rely on.

Classical Ukulele Grades 5 - 8

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