Sor Study 26 for Ukulele

In this video Jeff plays his arrangement of Sor Study 26 for ukulele. This study comes from guitarist and composer Fernando Sor’s 25 Progressive Lessons, Op.60, written at the end of his life. Opus 60 was written for beginners and carries the title “Introduction to the Study of the Guitar.” (You can learn more about Sor’s life and music and download PDF’s of his guitar music here.)

Classical Music on Ukulele

Classical guitar music works so well on the ukulele, with a few tweaks and compromises. Sor’s music is a wonderful example, in fact, of just how well classical guitar music fits on the ukulele. To play this music well requires some adjustments to technique. For instance, instead of strumming we will play fingerstyle when approaching classical music. And the left hand will focus on holding down notes that connect together in individual voices, rather than simply holding onto chords. But with these small changes we can play some of the greatest classical music on our little ukulele.

Get the Music

If you’d like to begin learning this and other Sor Studies, we have a book with 35 progressive studies by the composer. You can purchase copies at Amazon, a PDF version, or a spiral-bound version.

Each book has both notation and TAB so you can get right to learning, whatever your style.


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