In this video Jeff offers a lesson on Lágrima for ukulele. This piece is a short prelude originally written for classical guitar by Spanish composer Francisco Tárrega.

Lágrima for Ukulele Lesson

The word Lágrima is Spanish for “teardrop” and Tárrega composed the piece in London while he was longing for his home country of Spain. Even though it is small in stature it is a masterpiece, particularly in its expressiveness. This beautiful romantic miniature makes perfect use of parallel thirds and tenths.

Sometimes Lágrima is listed as a “beginner” piece. While there are elements that are “simple,” however, it is not an easy piece. But the lesson below will walk you through how to break down all of the difficult elements so you can truly master this gem of Spanish repertoire.

Be sure to download our free Lágrima Study Guide before you start working on the lesson below.


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