This video lesson offers you a tutorial on the iconic intro to Stairway to Heaven on fingerstyle ukulele.

Why is the intro so magical?

Jimmy Page’s introduction to Stairway was first recorded in 1971. It takes a simple descending chromatic bass line and contrasts that with an ascending upper line. This is often called “contrary motion.” That contrary motion, along with a wonderful almost Renaissance-like chord progression, is what makes this intro so magical.

What’s in the lesson

The lesson gives you a full walkthrough on the left-hand fingers you’ll need, including barre chords. But, more importantly, you’ll learn the right-hand fingerings and arpeggio patterns. Because this is a fingerstyle arrangement, you can play all of these contrasting voices on the instrument. And this is just not possible with most strumming arrangements.


If you haven’t had a chance to watch Jeff’s full performance of the whole song (including the epic guitar solo!), then check it out here right now!


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