Air on the G String on Classical Ukulele

In this video Jeff Peterson plays his performance of Air on the G String by J.S. Bach on classical ukulele.

Below we’ll talk about the title of this famous air, discuss some of its history, and offer you a link where you can purchase Jeff’s arrangement for classical ukulele.

Bach’s “Air” from Orchestral Suite No.3

The popular title of this piece is actually not the invention of J.S. Bach. Originally this music was titled “Air a Violin Conc.” and was the second movement of Bach’s Orchestral Suite No. 3 (BWV 1068). This “air” (0r song) for violin concertante thus featured a solo instrument, the violin, with continuo. Likewise the original air was in the key of D Major.

Air on the G String on Classical Ukulele

Air on the G String

However, in 1871 the German violinist August Wilhelmj arranged the Air in the key of C Major so that the entire melody could be played in unison by violins on the G string. Wilhelmj’s arrangement popularized the piece and while most orchestras today perform the original version, Wilhelmj’s name for the air “on the G string” has stuck.

Air on the G String on Classical Ukulele

It’s remarkable how well this music fits on the four strings of the ukulele. If you’d like to play this timeless melody on your own ukulele, you can pick up Jeff’s arrangement here.

Air on the G String Sheet Music