Bolero by Ravel for Classical Ukulele

In this video Jeff Peterson of Ukulele Corner plays his arrangement of Bolero by Ravel for classical ukulele. This arrangement is for Low G ukulele.

Bolero is a one-movement orchestral work by French composer Maurice Ravel. It is the gradual crescendo, ostinato rhytm, and sinuous melodies that make this classic a masterpiece. Russian dancer Ida Rubinstein commissioned the piece and the Paris Opéra premiered it in 1928 with a choreography by Bronislava Nijinska. The work takes its title from the Spanish dance form of the same name. Bolero features a simple two-part theme that different instruments play in 18 variations. In this arrangement for Low G ukulele, the theme appears on classical ukulele with interwoven harmonies that simulates the orchestral texture. The arrangement preserves the original tempo of Ravel’s composition and offers a unique way to experience this famous piece. This allows for experimentation with a range of articulations, dynamics, and strumming techniques.

Bolero by Ravel: Score with TAB

This is just one of Jeff’s many wonderful arrangements of classical masterpieces for ukulele. You can find scores with TAB along with full video lessons and performances of these arrangements at Ukulele Corner Academy. The Academy has a comprehensive curriculum to guide your progress learning ukulele. We will take you beyond just strumming chords or accompanying singers to learning solo fingerstyle songs and wonderful arrangements like this Bolero.

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