Classical Music on the Ukulele

In this video, Simon Powis of Classical Guitar Corner talks with Jeff Peterson about classical music on the ukulele. Specifically they discuss how to bring some of the all-time favorite classical guitar pieces over to the ukulele. The results are impressive and inspiring!

Capricho Arabe on Ukulele

One of the most famous pieces written for classical guitar is Capricho Árabe by Spanish composer Francisco Tárrega. It is inspired by the Arabic influences on Spanish culture (including music) and is a wonderful virtuosic piece with a beautiful melody. One of the challenges of bringing this piece to ukulele is being true to the original while working with the limitations of the ukulele.

For this piece one way we can achieve this is by using what’s known as octave displacement. This is where a line that is played in one register on the guitar has to move up or down an octave to fit well on the ukulele. The best way to accomplish this is to be true to the melody while the accompaniment changes. Ultimately, the most important thing is to carry forward the essence of the music even as it changes.

Check out full Jeff’s guest post on arranging classical guitar music for ukulele at Classical Guitar Corner here!


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