When you have your right hand set up to comfortably play chords and basic arpeggio patterns across the strings you can get more control over the right hand by accenting specific notes and fingers.  In this lesson we dive in and check out this technique using an ascending arpeggio with emphasis on good tone and relaxed hands.  It is amazing to hear how the same set of four notes can sound very different when accenting is used.  Like we explored with accenting while alternating the index and middle fingers in the right hand to bring out melodies, this technique can bring our various meters and syncopations and can really transform the sound of the music you play.  We check out 3/4 and 6/8 patterns with subtle adjustments with accent patterns.  We end by playing a Rumba pattern that I call the 1 2 3 1 2  3 1 2 pattern.  We apply this to a I V vi IV (C G Am F) progression that is used in literally hundreds of songs.  It is great fun to play!