Hi’ilawe for Fingerstyle Ukulele

In this article we’ll look at Jeff’s wonderful solo arrangement of the popular Hawaiian song Hi’ilawe for fingerstyle ukulele. It features the main theme (with Gabby Pahinui’s famous intro vamp) and then a series of solos (pa’ani) in the style of different artists from Hawai’i.

The first pa’ani is modeled after Cyril Pahinui, Gabby’s son. (You can hear Jeff and Cyril play this together on the album Amy Hanaiali’i and the Slack Key Masters of Hawai’i.)

Then the second solo is based on Sonny Chillingworth off of his Sonny Solo album, with some lines from Leonard Kwan thrown in.

Finally, the third and last pa’ani blends some of these different styles together.


The song Hi’ilawe was written by Sam Li’a Kalainaina, Sr. around 1902. It talks about two lovers in the mists of Hi’ilawe, the highest waterfall in Hawai’i, on the Big Island. Gabby Pahinui recorded it in 1947 on what is considered the first commercial recording of slack-key guitar (kī hōʻalu). Listen to it below:

You can check out the full lyrics here.



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